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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Web Site?

Over 215 million people in the US are currently online. That represents a large number of potential customers, and a large number of competitors who have an advantage over you if you are not currently online.

By having a web site, you can:
  • Market effectively for a fraction of the cost of a typical yellow page ad
  • Get new customers and stay ahead of your competition
  • Provide customers with information about your business, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week
  • Lower your cost of doing business
  • Securely sell goods and services online
  • Promote your business locally and globally
How do I get started?

Complete the online form and send any marketing collateral, brochures, flyers, product list, business card, letterhead, Yellow Pages ad, newspaper ad, catalog, product photos, price list or company logo to us at:

   DigitalWork, Inc.
   TotalWeb Customer Care
   14300 N. Northsight Blvd, Suite 206
   Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Please include your company name and your contact information with your marketing collateral.

What kind of content materials do you recommend I use?
We can create Web Sites using a wide range of materials. Artwork and graphic images are a critical component of the interactive Web environment. Do you currently have printed brochures, catalogues, flyers, logos or illustrations/photos of your products? Those can be provided to us electronically on disk or as high-quality photographs and text that can be scanned. We accept hard copy information, but reformatting such data to accommodate the medium takes more time. If we are provided disks containing the information formatted in ASCII Text, and PDF, GIF, and/or JPEG, our production process is much simpler.
How much does it cost?
Option 1 - Just $49.95 per month, plus a $99.95 setup & design fee. There is no term commitment. Option 2 - $50 and hour then $20 a month hosting
Is there a contract?
There is no long term commitment required. You may cancel at any time with 30 days written notice (via fax, email or mail), no questions asked. We stand behind our product.
How long does it take for my web site to be launched?
The length of time will vary based upon the amount of materials submitted to us. Your customer care representative can give you a better estimate after all materials are collected. We can have a site ready in as little as two weeks
What is a domain or sub-domain name? Why do I need one?

Every web site requires a unique address, known as a domain name. Users type this address in their web browser to get to your site.

Many low-cost competitors only include what is known as a sub-domain name with your web site (i.e. Sub-domain names are usually long and difficult to remember, so we don't recommend them. All Business Builder sites include your own domain name. Having your own domain name (i.e. "") allows you to better promote and market your address to your customers by making the address easier to remember.

How can I make changes to my site?
Web Page Editor allows you to easily modify your site's content and appearance - and you don't need any technical know-how to do it! You can access the Web Page Manager at your convenience, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, by simply typing in "" and entering your personal username and password. This action will take you directly to the Web Page Manager, where you can add or delete text, change font type or appearance, insert images and more. The program is easy - if you have used a word processor, you can use the Web Page Editor. All changes are sent to our web site servers and your updated site is available on-line immediately after you've saved them. All you need are your ideas and a web browser!

You can also have one of our professional web designers edit your site. Just email us at or call us toll-free at 1-877-496-7571 and let us know what edits you would like to make to your site.

How can I tell who's visiting my site?
Site Traffic Analyzer allows you to see who's visiting your site, when they're visiting and how they found you. Statistics are updated every night at midnight, so the traffic report you see contains timely and relevant data. Total Web stats are available for review whenever you need them. Simply type in "", enter your personal username and password, and click on the "stats" tab to access this data.
Do you submit my web site to search engines for me?
Our Business Builder package includes initial submission to a number of popular search engines. In addition, we offer several enhanced search engine submission and optimization plans here.
I already have a site. Can you make it better?
In a word, "yes". We can take your existing site, transfer it to our servers, and make any necessary updates. We will provide a custom quote based on the amount of work you would like us to do.
Can I transfer my existing site to your servers?

Many customers switch to DigitalWork to take advantage of the tools provided for managing their web site. For customers wishing to switch, DigitalWork will re-build your former site to meet DigitalWork coding standards and to ensure the interoperability between your site and the site management tools provided to you.

DigitalWork also will guide you and provide assistance in transferring your domain name, if this is necessary.

How do I transfer files to my Web Site? Can I use FTP?
We design your Web Site, build it for you and give you access to areas you that you can update yourself through our web-based page editing tool. This eliminates the need for FTP (file transfer protocol) to upload changes and images to your Web Site. Should you need to place other types of files on your web site (such as PDFs, Excel spreadsheets or Word documents), we can do this for you.
What if we need extra pages, new features, updates or amendments?
With Business Builder's editing tool, you can make many changes yourself. However, one of our Customer Care specialists will be more than happy to assist you at any time with any modifications or upgrades you would like to make. Your monthly or up-front charges may be adjusted to reflect whatever changes you select.
Can I do e-commerce?

Yes. Our Business Builder package includes an online shopping cart so your customers can securely place online orders for your products. We'll even set up your first 10 products for you at no charge. After that, you can upload your own products using our easy-to-use tools, or we can add them for $10 per product.

Keep in mind that DigitalWork does not process payments for your orders. You will need to submit the billing information collected by your secure shopping cart using your own merchant account and credit card terminal. By cutting out the 3rd-party payment gateway, we reduce your total cost of operating an online shopping cart by $50 per month or more.

While we do not provide merchant services, you can link your DigitalWork shopping cart to a PayPal account. This gives you the advantage of automatically receiving payments, while providing your shoppers the convenience to pay for your products securely online.

Can I review the Terms of Service before I order?
Yes, you can review our Terms of Service here.
Registrant Educational Materials
Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities

Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities

Domain Name Registrants' Rights:

  1. Your domain name registration and any privacy/proxy services you may use in conjunction with it must be subject to a Registration Agreement with an ICANN Accredited Registrar.
  • You are entitled to review this Registration Agreement at any time, and download a copy for your records.
  • You are entitled to accurate and accessible information about:
    • The identity of your ICANN Accredited Registrar;
    • The identity of any proxy or privacy service provider affiliated with your Registrar;
    • Your Registrar's terms and conditions, including pricing information, applicable to domain name registrations;
    • The terms and conditions, including pricing information, applicable to any privacy services offered by your Registrar;
    • The customer support services offered by your Registrar and the privacy services provider, and how to access them;
    • How to raise concerns and resolve disputes with your Registrar and any privacy services offered by them; and
    • Instructions that explain your Registrar's processes for registering, managing, transferring, renewing, and restoring your domain name registrations, including through any proxy or privacy services made available by your Registrar.
  • You shall not be subject to false advertising or deceptive practices by your Registrar or though any proxy or privacy services made available by your Registrar. This includes deceptive notices, hidden fees, and any practices that are illegal under the consumer protection law of your residence.
  • Domain Name Registrants' Responsibilities:

    1. You must comply with the terms and conditions posted by your Registrar, including applicable policies from your Registrar, the Registry and ICANN.
    2. You must review your Registrar's current Registration Agreement, along with any updates.
    3. You will assume sole responsibility for the registration and use of your domain name.
    4. You must provide accurate information for publication in directories such as WHOIS, and promptly update this to reflect any changes.
    5. You must respond to inquiries from your Registrar within fifteen (15) days, and keep your Registrar account data current. If you choose to have your domain name registration renew automatically, you must also keep your payment information current.
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