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Business Builder by DigitalWork

Advantages of Using This Service

Here's why Business Builder is the Right Choice:

Simplicity - We make launching and promoting a website easy. Many businesses spend countless hours, and a lot of money, selecting and coordinating with developers, graphic designers, domain name registrars, and hosting providers to launch their website. Instead of managing and worrying about this time consuming process, just send us your business card and a few important notes about your business and we'll do all the work to launch your site. Feel free to send additional marketing materials you may already have such as flyers, print ads, menus, etc.) to help us build a more content rich website. Plus, we'll provide free website edits in the first 30 days plus ongoing maintenance to ensure your website truly reflects what your business has to offer.

Mobile Optimized - Business Builder sites are built using the most up to date coding methods meant to optimize the delivery and display of your site on all devices, especially Mobile Phones.

Low Cost -

  • Option 1 - Business Builder Standard Package: Just $49.95 per month.
  • Option 2 - Business Builder Design Package: $50/hour for design work and $20/month for hosting.

High Quality - Our Business Builder service gives any size company a completely custom solution, including all of the features and services you need, for a small fraction of the cost big companies pay.

Speed -Your site is hosted on dedicated servers in a top tier hosting facility with unlimited bandwidth.

Features - Your Business Builder website comes with a comprehensive suite of features including a domain name, self-editing tool, and site traffic analyzer. Add or subtract features to fit your changing business.

Experience - As a pioneer in the online marketing industry, DigitalWork has built, hosted and promoted over 22,000 websites for small and medium sized businesses. We've also created world-class web applications for Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Earthlink and Office Depot.

Support - After our web designer builds a beautiful, customized, mobile optimized web site to your specifications we'll stand ready to add pages or functionality and make changes as your business changes. Phone support is provided Monday thru Friday from 9-5 MST.

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Business Builder by DigitalWork